AUD deposit/withdrawals are only available to level 2 users who are verified. Checkout our guide here for the KYC verification. 

For AUD Deposit / Withdrawal, you need to login into your account here.

AUD Deposit

  1. From the left side menu, click on the 'Wallet', then select 'AUD'.
  2. Choose 'Deposit' or 'Withdraw'

  3. If you would like to deposit funds, Click on 'Deposit' then choose one of the options.
    1. Bank
    2. Email PayID (OSKO)

  1. In order to Deposit the funds, you need to verify KYC first and then proceed with the process. 
  2. Once verified, when you click on 'Deposit' against AUD, it will show the 'bank' option. Select the bank and generate 'Reference Number'. It is your own unique reference number. Whenever you want to credit your Bitunivex account, you need to add this reference number into the Description/Message/Reference of your payment. 

How long does the AUD deposit take? 

It is recommended to make a deposit using PayID, which would be instant and funds will be credited in no time. However, for the first time, it may take up to 24 hours for funds to settle into your account. With the other option, Bank deposits, it would take 1-3 business days based on the destination bank. 

It is important to include your reference number into the Description/Message/Reference of the tranaction when making a deposit. Otherwise, your fund won't settle automatically.

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