Bitunivex always welcomes coins and tokens that have community interests and promote blockchain technologies.

To submit a request for a new coin or token, please submit a new ticket here

The request must include the following details:

  • Coin name, symbol and logo
  • Bitunivex verified account email for a major shareholder or developer
  • Description of your coin and its mission statement. Including its purpose, and technological and business innovations.
  • Github link
  • Actual/expected launch date
  • How was your coin backed? (e.g. Crowdfunding campaign, ICO, etc…)
  • Has there been any premines?
  • Supply specifics (e.g. Max, current supply, etc…)
  • Current exchanges listing your coin/token
  • Blockchain explorer for your coin/token
  • Transaction fee to send your coin/token
  • Social media details (e.g. website, Twitter, Facebook, etc…)


Specifically, for Tokens we require the following:

  • Code review details, this includes who performed it and the results
  • Smart contract address


If you performed a crowdfunding campaign or ICO, you are required to provide the following:

  • A link to your website containing the terms of the campaign that outlines what was offered to funders
  • A link to your website detailing the specifics of any premine
  • Details of how much was raised and how many addresses contributed


Bitunivex reserves the right to refuse any listing. Bitunivex will not list any coins supporting activities that are deemed illegal in Australia, this includes drug sales and illegal gambling. Bitunivex will not list any coins relating to scams, copyright violations, or those deemed generally offensive. Bitunivex will not communicate whether a digital currency will be listed or not. Please do not make requests as per the status of the listing of a coin as this will not be disclosed.

We may require a listing fee to be paid for the technical infrastructure and our research about the token/coin.